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In Celebration of Chinese New Year Dubai Opera Announces Puccini’s Turandot Opera and Dance Drama – Early Spring

Performed by Shanghai Opera House in September 2019

In Celebration of Chinese New Year, Dubai Opera announces two new performances brought to the stage in partnership with Shanghai Grand Theatre and Shanghai Opera House in September 2019. Making its Middle East debut at Dubai Opera, the prominent Shanghai Opera House takes center stage with Puccini’s spectacular masterpiece “Turandot” opera from 5 – 7 September and contemporary Dance Drama – Early Spring from 11 – 12 September 2019.

Turandot is Puccini’s final opera, featuring arguably the most famous tenor aria in the opera repertoire, the iconic “Nessun Dorma”, an instantly recognizable piece of music. Set in Ancient Peking, a beautiful, icy Princess Turandot announces that she will marry the man who can solve her three riddles, but gravely punish those who cannot. Heads roll until the arrival of a clever prince who is determined to win over the princess, or die trying. He solves her trio of challenges and then offers Turandot his life if she can solve the riddle of his name. Will true love be enough to soften the vengeful princess’ heart?

The magical version of Turandot under the direction of Roberto Andò was held as the first new opera production of Shanghai Opera House 2018 Season and received wide acclaim. This version of Turandot consists of more than 200 artists, and it turns the legend between eastern and western cultures into a test of fear and love. In this version produced by Shanghai Opera House, Puccini’s encyclopedia-style opera looks like a prism and it reflects the modernity in the music or the 20th century.

“Early Spring” is an original Dance Drama by Shanghai Opera House composed by Du Wei, directed by Wang Yuanyuan, and performed by Shanghai Opera House Dance Ensemble. It is adapted from the novel February of Rou Shi. In front of the contradictions between ideality and reality, the protagonist Xiao Jianqiu’s feelings, serving as the main line, reflected a prevalent indifference to the vulnerable during the 1920s in the traditional rural culture in China. The seemingly unintentional gossips and gibes has suppressed kindness and destroyed human nature, and finally led to tragedy. Young people’s agony and confusion facing such a depressed and twisted society is therefore reflected

Xu Zhong, President of Shanghai Opera House commented: “2019 is an extraordinary year for Shanghai Opera House because we’ll make our Middle East debut at the splendid Dubai Opera. It’s a great pleasure for us to open up the 2019-2020 Dubai Opera season, and we sincerely hope that this visit could be a wonderful beginning for the cultural exchanges between us two countries.”

Dubai Opera’s Chief Executive, Jasper Hope, commented: “On this most auspicious occasion I am delighted to be able to announce this major partnership with the Shanghai Grand Theatre and the  wonderful company of the Shanghai Opera House to bring these two beautiful and spectacular productions to Dubai Opera later this year. We are honoured to be able to collaborate in this way for the first time with such an important company from China.”

Turandot 5,6,7 September at 8PM
Dance Drama- Early Spring 11,12 September 8pm



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