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What’s on the menu at Expo 2020 Dubai?

Culinary tours, famous chefs, gourmet dishes, futuristic food tech, street bites, fusion dishes…and that’s just for starters

So you’re exploring the world in one place at Expo 2020 Dubai and having the time of your life, when you start to feel hungry.

Thus begins a delicious odyssey of cuisines, flavours and experiences, as you discover that Expo 2020 isn’t just a once-in-a-lifetime celebration but also an F&B destination in its own right.

You set out to explore the 200-plus dining outlets across the Expo site, serving more than 50 global cuisines across an area equal in size to seven football pitches – encountering street food and gourmet wonders, old classics and new favourites, dishes from every corner of the planet and clever tech that’s set to shape the future of food.

World-renowned chefs are stopping by throughout the 173 days of Expo, so a live cook-off or demonstration could be on the table. Culinary tours are also available, taking foodies on a deep-dive gastronomic journey that spans cultures and continents.

And you’ll even get the chance to glimpse the culinary experiences of tomorrow, with Expo looking to incorporate robotics, augmented reality and virtual reality into its offering.

Or perhaps you’re in a rush – racing to catch a live parade, a digital theatre performance or a thought-provoking seminar – or simply trying to squeeze everything Expo has to offer into one visit (good luck with that, by the way).

With time of the essence, you opt for a quick but satisfying grab-and-go bite. At that precise moment, a delightfully intriguing aroma catches your attention.

But where in the world does it come from? You say it’s Middle Eastern, someone else swears it’s Mexican. Turns out you were both right – it’s an Arabic taco, creatively fusing ingredients from both cuisines into a delicious and innovative whole.

Later in the day, you decide to take a ‘when in Rome’ approach and go for something that reflects Dubai’s thriving F&B scene. There are so many options, from the old-school ‘local gem’ restaurant whose menu you know back-to-front to the new up-and-comer that everyone keeps raving about

Throughout your visit, a variety of healthy and affordable food, with options that meet various dietary requirements, will ensure that everyone in your group finds something that satisfies their tastes – all without breaking the bank.

In keeping with Expo 2020’s Sustainability subtheme, the F&B programme will be friendly to both the environment and your wallet, marked by ethical food sources, environmentally-conscious packaging and fair pricing policies.

Whether you’re a confessed foodie seeking new adventures, aiming to feed your family on a budget or anything in between, you’ll find what you’re looking for and more at Expo 2020.


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