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The Italy Pavilion: a tale of three hulls

The Mediterranean nation celebrates beauty as a connecting influence while offering insights into its historical and present-day accomplishments

Set under the overturned hulls of three ships, the Italy Pavilion will tell an engaging story that touches upon the nation’s achievements in diverse fields including art, technology, engineering and sustainability.

The experience will invite visitors to ponder the theme of ‘Beauty that connects people’ as they gradually ascend the 3,500 sqm pavilion – beginning with a prologue that features spaces inspired by the traditional piazze (town square) and ending with a grand finale that brings to mind an Italian skyline.

Before setting foot in the structure, located in Expo 2020 Dubai’s Opportunity District, bypassers will find their eyes drawn to its innovative exterior. The ship hulls will be propped up on pillars to resemble petals in green, white and red – the colours of Italy’s il Tricolore flag.

The inclusion of the hulls celebrates the historical Italian explorers, the nation’s seafaring prowess and its modern fishing industry, while highlighting the circular economy, which aims to minimise waste by reusing, repurposing and recycling.

Italy will also offer a broad cultural and business programme at Expo 2020, which will bring together 190 nations in the UAE for a six-month celebration from October next year.


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