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Discover Expo 2020

The first World Expo ever held in the region

Welcoming the world to the UAE for six months

Celebrating culture, collaboration and innovation

Aiming to leave a meaningful and lasting legacy

Connecting Minds, Creating the Future

Our once-in-a-lifetime celebration – the largest event ever staged in the Arab world – is set to welcome 190 participating countries, and millions of visitors from across the globe. Here they will experience warm Emirati hospitality at its finest, as well as the UAE’s values of inclusion, tolerance and cooperation. Youth are at the heart of our World Expo. That’s why Expo 2020 aspires to create a meaningful legacy that will benefit generations to come, both locally and globally, spanning everything from innovations and architecture to friendships and business opportunities.

Expo Fact Sheet

Themes for the future

To build a better world, we need to use our heads and our hearts. The Expo subthemes help to guide us on this journey together.



Unlocking the potential within us


Creating smarter and better connections


Living in balance with the world around us