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Azerbaijan’s new, eco-friendly leaf

In its nature-inspired pavilion, Azerbaijan will explore how a better future for humanity must begin now with us

If together we are going to create a brighter tomorrow, it’s crucial we act today.

That’s the environmental message of the Azerbaijan Pavilion, located in Expo 2020 Dubai’s Sustainability District, as it explores the theme of ‘Seeds for the future’.

The nature-inspired pavilion, which has a leaf-shaped roof, will encourage visitors to consider the impact of their individual choices and invest in the future now to restore balance to our natural world.

The 550 sqm exhibition space inside will show interactive and multimedia content across five areas that link to Expo 2020’s theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’.

Wander outside and you’ll discover 1,300 sqm of gardens and walkways – featuring seven pomegranate trees representing prosperity and 15 olive trees symbolising peace, justice and wisdom.

The pavilion’s focus on the environment is reflected in its ‘mean, lean, green’ design, minimising carbon emission through measures including rainwater harvesting, solar power and natural ventilation.

Its roof will create an air cushion to cool high temperatures, and the large windows will absorb the sun’s radiation while providing light.

Once Expo 2020’s six-month global celebration finishes on 10 April, 2021, 75 per cent of the pavilion’s materials will be redeployed and recycled – ensuring that it continues to help preserve the planet even after its life cycle finishes.


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